FYE Success Series

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The FYE success series was an interesting thing for freshmen. I thought it actually was pretty cool to do…I was able to attend three of the programs they put on. The first was Sex Signals, which was basically talking to freshman about safe sex, alcohol & sex, rape, and other points of interest. It combined comedy and factual information & advice into one program, so it was laid back for everyone and easy to understand. People participated, people laughed, and overall it was a good time.

The next program I attended was a majors fair that was put on in the middle of the day at the ballroom. At the majors fair, there were professors, parents and more there to talk to students about different major options in college. I had already decided that my major was political science but after attending this program, I actually had other majors in mind that I was thinking about changing to. Education would be interesting to me, as well as engineering, but the math required for that is a bit too much for someone like me who isn’t a math freak!

The last program I attended was “White Like Me” by a guy named Tim Wise. I actually didn’t like this program at all…it was a lot different than I thought it would be. Everyone has different opinions on things, but Tim made a few points on how white people are more and more racist as our generation goes on. He was interesting, but I disagreed on just about everything he said and thought a lot of it was inaccurate, but hey, everyone is different! Overall, the programs were great for freshmen and I’m sure Georgia Southern will do them again next year!


Hello, Twitter!

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My Twitter experience has been very unique for me. I actually had a Twitter before I was instructed to start using one for this class, but I really didn’t like it. I thought Twitter was useless and had no point, but I was totally wrong. I got a Twitter in January of this year mainly just to follow celebrities, but for some reason, I thought it was a bit boring. However, once I started using it again, I realized how useful Twitter could actually be. For example, you are able to get breaking news within seconds.

On a more personal level, I used Twitter to follow my favorite musicians. I am a big music fan and when I discovered most of my favorite artists were on Twitter, I jumped at the opportunity to “follow” them and see what they were “Tweeting” about. It seems like the musicians were much more friendly and personal than you would usually think. They would retweet certain things, and reply to fans…it was actually pretty cool. Another thing I enjoyed was the Coupon Tweet, which allowed me to save some money on online purchases. I’m a normal college kid and I like to buy a lot of stuff, so I actually saved some money on a brand new printer the other day with it….cool! I enjoy following my friends, celebrities, my teachers, and even Georgia Southern on Twitter.

Another cool thing I like is how I am able to update Twitter using my phone. I was at the Union the other day and actually Tweeted that I saw a huge wreck in front of me…perhaps Twitter has been useful in the department of breaking news in some situations. Interesting. In conclusion, I grew from almost hating Twitter to liking it a lot more…almost as much as I enjoy Facebook! I will continue to use it in the future to keep up with my favorite bands as well as send updates on what I’m doing…because hey, isn’t that the cool thing to do these days…? Hah!


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While browsing YouTube the other day, I came across this video. Yes, it is an angry, pissed off redneck Republican that has nothing better to do than yell at his camera time and time again (he has around 600 videos…). However, you should still watch a few of his videos. The guy has great points. How many times do we hear a politician we elected say something or make an important statement, and then a few days or weeks laterm, we learn that they completely lied about it?

Why do we put up with it so much? We don’t ALWAYS put up with it, of course…. See: William Clinton & Richard Nixon. However, it happens almsot daily and yet most of us just sit back and watch it unfold without doing anything. Perhaps people don’t pay attention or perhaps people don’t care.

In this video, he makes a point about Pelosi making a statement that was completely an outright lie and how noone does anything about it. Unbelievable. Do we really think before we elect these people? Do a few empty promises really convince so many people that something great will happen? Is “change” really occuring this second in this country?


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Well, it was finally time to create a blog. After resenting blogs for so long, I guess I finally gave in. Here we go…?